Maple Jar is an online counselling platform

built by a team of experienced and hand picked counsellors, providing quality, personal and private sessions for various mental health concerns.

Our core belief is that every individual is unique, has the potential to change and has the right to heal and feel better about themselves. We are driven by our passion to make everyday life better for you.

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Engage with a professional

Speaking to a stranger about personal concerns can seem intimidating at first, but our consellors are trained to prioritise your comfort and privacy so we maintain professional confidentiality.

Break your problem down

Problems often tend to seem huge when you are just beginning to tackle them. We will help you break your problem down into smaller fragments and resolve your concerns on your terms.

Set realistic goals

Real progress is a step-by-step process so we help you track the goals you make. Your counselor will regularly provide you with the encouragement and feedback you need to work towards a better you.

Help is just one conversation away

You know something’s not right. You’ve Googled depression and anxiety and taken the quizzes. The symptoms listed mirror your own. You know it’s time to ask for help, but how?

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What you need to understand about therapy

Therapy is often not about that one big moment where we overcome our issues and suddenly everything is fine. Therapy is gradual and instead involves a series of small victories.

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What is my first session going to be like?

In case you're feeling intimidated about your first session, don't worry. It's absolutely natural. This holds true both in the case of experiencing therapy for the first time and/or seeing a new therapist.

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I started therapy because my curriculum demanded it with mandatory counselling sessions. However, I did not think I needed therapy because I did not face any severe issues at the time.

After my first session I realised how much just talking to someone about even mundane concerns made me feel better and gave me a sense of relief. A constant source of support and knowing that there is someone to listen to you is very assuring! Maple Jar helped me realize my own strength.

Raina Mohalanobish

Your own mental health should come before trying to educate others about it. Online counselling eliminates the stigma of ‘what would they think’ I know that seeking help for mental health is absolutely normal and that we shouldn’t be worried about what people think, but hey if there is a way around it, why not try it, and that’s how Maple Jar helped me take the first step.

Pratick Ramesh

Online therapy is not advisable if you are in acute distress. Please contact your nearest hospital if you are feeling suicidal or are at the risk of self harm.