In conversation with Anoopa Anand

In this story Anoopa talks to us about her encounter with ill mental health and how she dealt with it and came out stronger. Anoopa is also a writer and has written many articles for Maple Jar most of which she writes through her own observations and experiences.

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Putting your trust in Blind Love

Recent trends in relationships include exposing a major portion of your life and relationships on social media, which can lead to constant comparison and a perception of false reality that exists
on screen. Have we stopped to think about what might be considered normal, can
be detrimental to our relationships?

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Suhasini Rao | When it’s too much to bear

Suhasini has converted everything she wants to say about her journey, what she's felt and learnt and what she wants you all to know into a lovely piece. Before we get into that, here are a few questions to get to know the lady behind that radiant smile.

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Put your phone down once in a while. It’s good for you.

Smartphones are taking attention away from our partners. It is causing annoyance, stress, unhappiness and discontentment in relationships. This is putting unnecessary pressure on relationships causing conflict between partners.

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Is Your Compassion Kind to You?

The problem with Compassion Fatigue and what you can do to keep it at bay.

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Tamanna Jaisinghani Learning about mental health through self discovery

30 year old Tamanna is a creative manager with a start up in Bangalore. While taking careful sips of her guava juice, she talks to us about battling ill mental health since she was 13, her journey from a confused teenager to now a confident woman and her message to all our readers. Here’s her story.

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Let’s go get drunk.

And other things you should avoid when a loved one is diagnosed with a mental illness.

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Boys Don’t Cry

The other day, I witnessed my neighbour’s four year old son slide along the length of the common corridor with swan-like grace, right until the headfirst crash on to the floor. Slippery after its recent tryst with floor cleaner, the floor led to the boo-boo which led to a warranted flood of tears from the four-year-old. I successfully caught his mother’s attention. She picked him up, dusted him off with practised nonchalance, and said those three magic words: Boys don’t cry.

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The Brain Dance

How you can help when a loved one has a mental illness.

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Rohan Sabharwal Behind the Beard (Part II)

Here is the continuation of Rohan's journey. He shares with you his experience with Mental Health in India and recent projects

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Rohan Sabharwal | Behind the Beard (Part I)

Rohan, 37, has had his fight with Bipolar Disorder. We spoke to him about his journey and everything that was involved in it. Over the years of struggle, he's learnt a lot and this is what he has to say.

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Online therapy is not advisable if you are in acute distress. Please contact your nearest hospital if you are feeling suicidal or are at the risk of self harm.