What is my first session going to be like?

In case you're feeling intimidated about your first session, don't worry. It's absolutely natural. This holds true both in the case of experiencing therapy for the first time and/or seeing a new therapist.

The process of counselling is gradual and interactive. It will help you explore and understand yourself better, and will also help you achieve goals that you set with your therapist. We understand that the whole process of going to therapy might be intimidating, and are here to help you break the initial doubts you may have.

  • In your first session, your therapist will take you through the therapeutic process. Some of the topics that your therapist might touch upon are mentioned here.
  • The first session sets the tone for the rest of the therapeutic journey, hence, it is crucial that your therapist builds a rapport with you.  This will help strengthen the relationship you share with your therapist and will also ease you into the therapeutic process.
  • Your therapist will talk to you about confidentiality because it is important for you to know that your information will be safeguarded and you can confide in your therapist without feeling threatened.
  • The initial session will revolve a lot around understanding you as a person and gaining information about your concerns.  This will help your therapist build a framework for the sessions.
  • You first session can be a mark where you can explore more about therapy and what you can gain from therapy, asking your counsellor anything that might be making you hesitant.

Counselling is a team effort where both you and your therapist will actively participate. This is a gradual process that will show you real progress and not a quick fix to your problems. Hence, at any point if you feel like therapy with the particular therapist might not help you, make sure to be vocal about it with your therapist. He or she will guide you to a different therapy technique or a different therapist as well, depending on your concern.


Online therapy is not advisable if you are in acute distress. Please contact your nearest hospital if you are feeling suicidal or are at the risk of self harm.